Project Feasibility

We assess project feasibility in the early stages of a project, taking a business idea or objective and developing a conceptual project with an assessment of costs, timescale, technical and commercial risks, site options and technology options. We develop business financial models with outputs such as NPV and IRR in order to generate a quantitative assessment of project viability.

Site Selection

We have evaluated many potential project sites and have developed a standardised approach to ensure that all major aspects of a candidate site are evaluated at an early stage and the suitability of the site evaluated efficiently. This may be used to support short listing and/or further negotiations with site owners, utility suppliers or investment bodies.

Front End Development

We employ a 5 phase project process with 3 stages of front end loading incorporating

  • Business Feasibility
  • Project Feasibility
  • Project Definition

Effective front end loading is paramount to realistic expectations and successful project outcome. It is also important that alternatives are identified and evaluated at the appropriate stages of FEL-1 and FEL-2. FEL-3 needs to be rigorously completed in order to provide a firm foundation for sanction decisions and downstream project activities.  

Contracting Strategies

We can develop a number of options for how to Contract the project execution with the aim of complementing the business’ and funder’s appetite for risk and opportunities for cost reduction. We are experienced and familiar with model forms of contracts such as FIDIC and IChemE.