Client Project Management

Our personnel are widely experienced in project management and have the mindset of the ‘Owner’. We have worked at all levels of Project Management of major capital projects. We are comfortable working as PMC Consultants, Owner’s or Financer’s Engineers/Project Manager and can provide a full range of management services from a single project manager to a fully resourced project team.


Our staff are experienced in procurement of project equipment materials and services. We hold a large amount of reference data and are extensively trained in commercial and technical negotiation. With a technical background we also understand the importance of reliability, guarantees, spare parts provision and deviations from specifications. We understand the market and can add value to any project procurement process.

Construction Management

We have experience in the direct management of construction and in managing Construction Management Contractors. We can develop construction strategies to suit a project, issue enquiries, evaluate and help to select construction contractors and construction managers. Identification of the key interfaces and a plan to manage these interfaces is critical to a successful construction phase and we have techniques to define how this works using best practice.

Training, Commissioning and Start Up

We have experienced personnel who can develop and deliver operations staff training programmes, produce commissioning plans and manage the whole process of preparing for start-up. During start up itself we have personnel who can manage, supervise and advise.

Operations Support

During the Operational Phase we can conduct audits and assessments of plant and organisational performance, run processes that identify opportunities for improvement in rate, quality and/or costs. We can evaluate and where necessary develop further improvement project opportunities.